Bioenergy Type Test

Tibetan medicine considers humans as a single system whose normal functioning depends on three physiological principles or bioenergy types (doshas) - "wind" (nervous system), "bile" (digestive and cardiovascular systems), "phlegm" (endocrine and lymphatic systems).

The state of these three constitutions in the body, harmonious or perturbed, determines health, both physical and mental. Every person has all three doshas, but one or two of them tend to dominate. According to the predominance of one or another dosha, people in Tibetan medicine are differentiated according to their types - a person of the "wind" type, a person of the "bile" type, a person of the "phlegm" type. In addition to these three, there are also mixed types: "bile-phlegm", "bile-wind", "wind-phlegm".

In the East, you can meet these concepts from birth: the neighbor's skinny, quick-witted son is a typical "wind" type representative, his plump mother of a "phlegm" type, the grumpy and stubborn neighbor of a "bile" type.

Each type has certain physical features, psychological traits, a predisposition to certain diseases. A person's bioenergy type is inherited genetically. Still, it is subject to change depending on lifestyle, age, food habits, and the influence of weather, natural phenomena, in other words, on the human environment.

Seasons of the year (for example, bile is activated in autumn), certain periods of life, food habits (abuse of spicy, fried, sour foods) can cause temporary "bile" perturbation even in people with dominant "wind" and "phlegm" bioenergy types.

Also, bioenergy types depend on age. "Old age is the age of "wind," maturity of "bile," and childhood of "phlegm." This is how the doshas depend on the ages" (classical medical treatise Gyuzhi, Root Tantra). It means that people, no matter what type they belong to, are all predisposed to the disease peculiar to the "phlegm" bioenergy type in childhood, to the disease of "bile" type in adulthood, and to the disease of "wind" type in old age.

The founder of "Naran" Tibetan Medicine Clinic, a candidate of medical sciences, Svetlana Chojinimaeva, has developed a test that allows you to determine your dominant bioenergy type.

Download the test to determine your bioenergy type

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